Created from small group sessions and camps in gyms across Wisconsin, the GRB Academy and the Rays program has grown and risen into one of the top places to train and play in the Midwest.

Beginning as far back as the winter of 2005, the GRB Academy started with the training of Greg Reinhard in small gyms spread out in several cities.  After running the training and practices of several organizations in Wisconsin, in addition to the camps across Wisconsin, GRB found its home in Madison with the opening of the first facility in December of 2011.

Since opening its doors in 2011, GRB has proven itself as one of the leaders in amateur baseball in Wisconsin.

The Rays program first launched in June of 2009.  Since that time, it has grown and expanded and become of of the most coveted programs to play for in the Midwest.  With its rapid ascension to the top of amateur baseball, the Rays and GRB were ranked 39th in the country in 2015 by Perfect Game.  In total, the Rays have put out 125 college players, 88 of them to scholarship schools, and two draft picks as of September of 2015.

The mission is simple yet clear:  “The Mission of the GRB Academy and Rays program is to advance the skill sets of baseball and softball players by providing them with the best trainers and up to date, innovative training methods.”

With the opening of the Academy in 2011, GRB began training softball players.

The motto of GRB from the beginning:  “Baseball and Softball for the Serious Player”