Swing Into the New Year!

Swing Into the New Year with this private lesson deal from GRB Academy! Lesson deal is valid from January 1st through January 4th at the Madison location only.

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 Baseball Private Lesson Rates

1 Half-Hour – $50  /  2 Half-Hour – $100  /  5 Half-Hour – $237.50  /  10 Half-Hour – $450 / 20 Half-Hour – $850  /  50 Half-Hour – $2,000


Greg Reinhard – Pitching Instructor

Max Cordio – Hitting / Infield Instructor

Cooper Stewart – Hitting / Catching Instructor

Zach Ransom – Pitching Instructor

Trevor Burmeister – Hitting/Infield/Outfield Instructor

Jake Kolasinski – Catching/Hitting Instructor – Available at Milwaukee Location

Tyler Frohwirth – Pitching Instructor – Available at Milwaukee Location

Eric Semmelhack – Pitching Instructor – Available at Milwaukee Location

Hayden Fenner – Catching/Hitting Instructor

Allie Taylor – Softball Pitching, Hitting, Fielding and Catching Instructor

For help with how to create an account view our lesson account guide, click HERE, or please call GRB Academy at: 608-842-3327. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy on all scheduled lessons. If there are questions with regards to cancellations, please call the facility and we can help with those questions.